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Mr. Kulik and Ms. Kay protect as confidential all information about every client’s case. Click here to learn why – this is very important.

Clients are owed a duty of confidentiality in every case. Our firm has also learned that media attention and publicity are almost always harmful to our clients’ interests.

Sometimes, in a high-profile case, media contact becomes unavoidable. Our firm believes that every precaution must be taken to place the client’s interests first and foremost. It is our advice that clients should be wary of attorneys who court the limelight. This type of behavior by a criminal defense attorney sometimes reveals a very serious flaw. These attorneys may be placing their personal interests ahead of their clients’ interests.

Many times, media “pundit” attorneys are only self-appointed experts. These attorneys pay publicists to get them media exposure and then pass these costs along to their clients by charging them excessive and unwarranted fees.

We have noticed that when an attorney appears in the media to discuss whatever legal case is popular at the moment, it is rarely an indicator of actual professional expertise. In our opinion this type of media appearance is actually a warning sign. It may demonstrate the attorney’s preference for publicity over professionalism.

Clients are advised to hire attorneys who scrupulously protect their clients’ confidentiality, and who place their clients’ interests first and foremost.

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