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Fort Lauderdale Solicitation Lawyer

Many people consider the criminal offenses of solicitation and prostitution to be victimless crimes. Law enforcement officials, the state prosecution, and the courts view it very differently. The crime of solicitation is taken very seriously in Fort Lauderdale, and throughout all of Florida. Those convicted face very harsh penalties that can impact the accused for years to come. If you have been charged, a Fort Lauderdale solicitation lawyer can provide the defense to give you the best chance of a successful outcome.

The Laws on Solicitation in Fort Lauderdale

Prostitution and solicitation are covered under the same section of the Florida Statutes. This section of the law makes it illegal for individuals that are not married to offer, buy, sell, solicit, or agree to engage in sexual favors in exchange for money.

The difference between prostitution and solicitation is the time at which the illegal sexual transaction allegedly occurred. Solicitation usually happens prior to the sexual act due to the fact that a sexual act does not have to occur in order for someone to be charged with the crime. A person may face solicitation charges if they demanded or asked for sex in exchange for money.

However, to secure a conviction, the prosecution must also provide proof that the defendant intended to go through with the transaction. For example, if a person withdraws money from a bank machine, or agrees to meet at a certain time and place for the transaction, that could provide proof that the defendant intended to go through with the crime.

Penalties for Solicitation in Fort Lauderdale

Being charged with solicitation is embarrassing, but those convicted face far worse penalties than that. Jail time is a real possibility, particularly when the accused has prior convictions for the offense on their record. Civil penalties and monetary fines are also sometimes imposed. In addition to these harsh penalties, a person may also face:

  • A driver’s license suspension, if a vehicle was used in connection with the crime
  • Seizure and potential seizure of vehicle
  • Mandatory screening for sexually transmitted diseases
  • Mandatory community service
  • Required participation in human trafficking, prostitution, and sexual violence prevention program

To avoid these harsh penalties, it is important to speak to a Fort Lauderdale solicitation lawyer.

Defenses to Solicitation

Common defenses to solicitation include those used for other criminal offenses, such as mistaken identity. One defense that is more commonly used in solicitation cases than many others is entrapment. To prove entrapment, the defendant must show that a law enforcement official pressured them into committing a crime they otherwise would not have committed. It is important to show that without the official’s interference, the defendant would not have committed the crime.

A Fort Lauderdale Solicitation Lawyer Can Provide the Defense You Need

Facing charges is always scary, but I am Kevin J. Kulik, a Fort Lauderdale solicitation lawyer, and I can provide the defense you need to give you the best chance of a successful outcome. Call me today at 954-761-9411 or contact us online to schedule a free confidential consultation.

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