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4 Reasons You Need a Florida DUI Defense for a Drunk Driving Case


The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) remains vigilant and active when it comes to apprehending motorists who violate state laws in driving under the influence of alcohol. Uniform Crime Reports cover the results of these efforts by FDLE, revealing that there are almost 6,300 DUI arrests every year in the judicial circuits of South Florida. If convicted as a first-time offender, you could face fines up to $1,000, a maximum of six months in jail, and other criminal penalties. Officials may also suspend your driver’s license for up to six months. Second and subsequent drunk driving charges may lead to even more severe sanctions.

However, there are two important factors from the above that you need to understand:

  1. The FDLE statistics only cover DUI arrests, not convictions; and
  2. The penalties described only apply if you are convicted.

When you review these points, you can see that the key to obtaining a favorable outcome is working with an experienced South Florida DUI defense lawyer. Four additional reasons should be enough to convince you.

  1. Comprehensive Knowledge of Florida Drunk Driving Laws: Defending the charges requires in-depth, exacting knowledge of the various sources of DUI laws, including:
  • State statutes;
  • Case precedent, i.e., court opinions and interpretation of the laws;
  • Criminal court procedural rules; and
  • Administrative proceedings in drunk driving cases.

DUI cases can even encompass constitutional questions where there were implications for your civil rights, such as a lack of probable cause to arrest or unlawful search and seizure.

  1. Courtroom Experience Defending DUI Charges: As a criminal defendant, your opponent is a skilled prosecuting attorney that spends all day in the courtroom pursuing drunk driving cases. You level the playing field when you are represented by a lawyer who can raise objections, point out errors, and present defenses.
  2. Guidance Through Miami-Dade “Back on Track” Program: First-time DUI offenders may qualify for a special type of probation that withholds adjudication in the case. Eligibility for Back on Track is a judgment call by the prosecuting attorney, who will evaluate your criminal history, driving record, and the circumstances surrounding your arrest. Your lawyer can make the case for eligibility, negotiate with the prosecution, and guide you through the program.
  3. Reducing DUI Charges: In some situations, your attorney may be able to work out a plea agreement to have drunk driving charges reduced to a “wet reckless” offense. Your criminal history is a factor, and you cannot take advantage of this strategy if the DUI was associated with an accident. You will plead guilty to the lesser crime, but the potential incarceration term and fines are lower. Plus, you avoid a driver’s license suspension.

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This information should persuade you to work with a skilled legal representation for a DUI case. To learn more about how our team can assist, please contact Fort Lauderdale DUI attorney Kevin J. Kulik. We can set up a consultation at our office to assess your situation and advise you on defense options.





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