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Reviewing the Constitutionality of School Searches on the Anniversary of Parkland Shooting

By Kevin J. Kulik, P.A. |

The February 14, 2018 shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, FL was an unimaginable tragedy, which prompted officials throughout the US to consider and implement stricter gun control. The incident also raised important questions about security measures at school, where bullying, beatings, and other violence are also far too prevalent. Many institutions,… Read More »

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Perjury is a Crime Under Florida Law

By Kevin J. Kulik, P.A. |

You may assume that there’s some truth to the old adage: No harm can come from a little white lie. However, this saying is quite the opposite in a real-life scenario. In fact, making false or misleading statements under oath – otherwise termed “perjury” – can even be a felony under certain circumstances. A… Read More »

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