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Category Archives: Homicide


Strategies For Reducing Murder Charges In Florida

By Kevin J. Kulik, P.A. |

Even though murder is one of the most serious crimes in Florida, punishable by life in prison or possibly the death sentence, statistics reveal that arrests for this offense are not exactly rare. According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE), more than 780 people are charged with various forms of homicide statewide… Read More »

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Florida Teen Arrested for Criminal Solicitation of Murder

By Kevin J. Kulik, P.A. |

A 17-year-old girl found out the hard way that you don’t have to be wielding a weapon to be charged with homicide in Florida, after being arrested on murder-for-hire charges by Lake County Sheriff’s deputies. A September 10, 2019 article published by Orlando’s Spectrum News Channel 13 outlined the details of the suspect’s plot… Read More »

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Florida Crime Rate Down; Exception is Murder Crimes

By Kevin J. Kulik, P.A. |

When it seems like bad news abounds in the media headlines, it’s refreshing to read a report that announces some good news. According to a June 25, 2019 article published by Fox News Channel 13, Florida’s crime rate dipped in 2018 – for the 48th year in a row. In sum, the overall crime… Read More »

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