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6 Mistakes To Avoid After Being Arrested On Criminal Charges In Florida


When you are under arrest in a Florida criminal case, there is a good chance your mind will be occupied with two key thoughts: What you can do to help your position and what NOT to do to make things worse. Your actions immediately before, during, and after the encounter with police can have a major impact on the outcome of your case. Even in the heat of the moment, it is wise to keep your wits about you and not make errors that harm your interests.

Your Fort Lauderdale criminal defense attorney can better serve your legal needs and fight for your rights when you avoid these mistakes upon being arrested on criminal charges in Florida.

Mistake #1: Resisting Arrest. Never struggle with police, disregard officers’ orders, or act in a belligerent or aggressive manner when under arrest. Fighting back will NOT lead law enforcement to release you, and now you face additional charges for resisting arrest. 

Mistake #2: Talking to Police. You have the right to remain silent under the US Constitution and the Declaration of Rights under the Florida Constitution, so exercise it by not speaking. Do not answer questions, correct officers’ assumptions, or offer any additional information during the encounter. You might inadvertently incriminate yourself, even when you are innocent.

Mistake #3: Taking Your Case to Social Media. While officials cannot access private emails, texts, and other messages without a warrant, the information you post on social media is fair game. Your pictures, comments, tags in photos, videos, and other details can be available to investigators – even despite your privacy settings. Plus, message recipients and friends in your community could betray you by sending incriminating content to police.

Mistake #4: Getting Arrested Prior to Trial. If you are out on bail pending your trial date, one of the conditions of your release is not engaging in criminal activity in the interim. Getting arrested could lead to forfeiture of your bond, so you might be in custody on the underlying charges until the trial. The judge in the new criminal case could also reject bond based upon your failure to avoid problems in the first case. 

Mistake #5: Skipping Court. Besides putting your bond amount in jeopardy, failing to attend required court hearings can also lead to severe consequences. The prosecutor might be less inclined to offer a plea bargain, and the judge might disagree when the prosecution does recommend resolving the charges by agreement. If you do need to miss court, there are options to take care of these issues in advance.

Mistake #6: Not Retaining a Broward County Criminal Defense Lawyer.

One of the most important errors to avoid involves legal representation, since you will need an experienced lawyer to advise you through the process. It is a mistake to go it alone, so trust our team at the offices of attorney Kevin J. Kulik in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Please contact us to set up a consultation right away. Once we review your circumstances, we can determine the best strategy for protecting your rights.



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