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Defending Crimes Committed For Financial Gain

The housing crisis, economic downturn and a high rate of unemployment has led some people to acts of desperation: embezzlement, money laundering and concealment of assets on tax returns. These crimes are coined “white-collar crimes.” It takes a concentrated effort of knowing how the government gathers and presents evidence of a white-collar crime to effectively defend against this kind of charge.  

South Florida ranks as the second highest region in the nation for white-collar crimes, and the news is currently full of stories about white-collar crimes, including: 

  • Increased arrest rate: Since December 2010, more than 85 people have been arrested for commission of a white-collar crime. Specifically, securities and investment fraud crimes are on the rise.
  • Creation of initiatives: The Securities and Investment Fraud Initiative led to these arrests. The feds are cracking down on activity that includes cheating people out of their life savings for investment purposes, when the money is stolen and used for the benefit of a person claiming to invest on another’s behalf.
  • FBI involvement: Those arrested for a white-collar crime are usually under surveillance for a period of time prior to the arrest. This means the FBI and other law enforcement agents are watching your actions and assembling the information they find, so it can be used against you. 

Given the involvement of the federal government in most crimes committed for financial gain, most people feel like the little guy with no hope for a satisfactory outcome. The government’s resources are vast and difficult to combat. While these may be accurate assumptions, it’s still possible to build a formidable defense.  

Ft. Lauderdale attorney Kevin J. Kulik, PA has nearly 30 years of experience defending crimes. He has the technology necessary to develop your defense — and also the ingenuity. Your matter is treated with confidentiality and respect. We know the public spotlight on you is intense when the media catches wind of your case. Our goal is to vigorously defend you while preserving your reputation and you family’s privacy.  

For minimum impact on your life and family, call a seasoned criminal defense attorney. Being arrested for any crime is terrifying, especially when your financial freedom is at stake. Call our office to schedule an appointment with a Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense attorney.

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