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Defense Of Charges Of Solicitation Or Prostitution

The players in solicitation or prostitution cases include the one soliciting, the one offering and, most typically, the undercover agent participating in the sting operation. Charges of this type damage your reputation and relationships. No one is immune to prosecution, from vacationers to public officials. If you have been caught in a sting operation and charged with offering to exchange sex for money, or for offering money for sex, you must act fast to safeguard your good character. Call an attorney who has a proven track record achieving satisfactory results in the defense of solicitation and prostitution cases. 

By and large, the arrest rate for prostitution has decreased in the State of Florida. Since 2001, the numbers of arrest are as follows: 

  • 2001: 8,698
  • 2002: 7,742
  • 2003: 7,529
  • 2004: 6,583
  • 2005: 5,715
  • 2006: 5,443
  • 2007: 6,131
  • 2008: 6,059 
  • 2009: 5,296
  • 2010: 5,048 

However, lower rates of arrest do not necessarily mean lower incidents of prostitution. If you’ve been charged with solicitation or prostitution, take charge of your future by giving yourself the defense you deserve. We obtain results that minimize penalties and fines. Our office has helped people in-state and out-of-state with cases involving solicitation and prostitution. 

Regardless of your social standing, our goal is treat you fairly and with respect. Your case is given the attention needed to formulate an effective defense, and we keep your information private. If you are facing prostitution or solicitation charges, call us to schedule an appointment. Ft. Lauderdale attorney Kevin J. Kulik, PA offers defense strategies that suit your needs.

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