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Federal Crimes

Federal crimes differ from state crimes because they are crimes defined by federal legislation, rather than state legislation. Penalties and punishments for federal crimes are generally more stringent than those for state crimes. Most federal crimes take place on federal property or Indian reservations. Crimes like tax evasion require no specific location but are federal crimes by definition. The regulation of acts by federal agencies such as the ATF, DEA and FBI are also classified as federal crimes when offenses are committed. These crimes are prosecuted by U.S. Attorneys rather than state attorneys, so the need for sound defensive representation is high. U.S. Attorneys have greater technological and financial resources at their disposal, and it is therefore imperative you arm yourself with a defense attorney who is savvy in electronic filing and who has the knowhow needed to beat federal charges.  

The law governing federal crimes is found in Title 18 of the United States Code. A few of the crimes covered by this law include: 

  • Bribery: this is the act of offering compensation to an official to influence their action in their official capacity.
  • Conspiracy: this is an agreement between two or more people to engage in illegal activity.
  • Fraud: this is the act of deception, intended to result in personal or financial gain.
  • Wire and electronic data transmission: this is the use of electronic transmission devices to transfer funds or information for the product of or a component of illegal activity, such as hiding money obtained from drug transactions. 

When you are charged with a federal offense, you need an attorney who is capable of taking on the U.S. Attorney prosecutors. At Kevin J. Kulik, PA, our office doesn’t shy away from the magnitude of federal charges, and is well-versed in the differing court rules and procedures federal court involves. 

If you have received a federal subpoena to act as a witness, been served with a federal warrant, or are the target of investigation by a federal agency, act fast to protect your rights. Federal cases move at a quicker pace than state cases, and it is crucial you have representation immediately. Your first appointment is complimentary, and your information is kept confidential. Call our office to schedule a free consultation. Ft. Lauderdale attorney Kevin J. Kulik, PA offers defense strategies that are tailored to your federal court matter.

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