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Gun And Weapons Charges In Florida

Recent news events put the State of Florida in the spotlight when it comes to gun ownership and control. The split of opinion as to the right to self-defense and when defense goes too far divides the country. The laws surrounding gun ownership are many and are sometimes hard to understand — when left to the interpretation of the layperson, misapplication often occurs. It is this misapplication of law to facts that results in illegal activity. If you have been charged with illegal possession or another weapons-related charge, contact Ft. Lauderdale attorney Kevin J. Kulik, PA for an effective defense. 

Florida weapons laws cover a wide range of topics: 

  • When a permit or license is needed: none is needed for a shotgun, rifle or handgun. But in no instance may a convicted felon purchase a weapon of these types unless his civil rights have been restored.
  • Reciprocity of licensure: certain states will offer reciprocity of your right to carry a weapon, which means you need not apply for a new license upon residing in Florida, but you must request recognition of your out of state permit.
  • The right to carry: it is impermissible to carry on your person, or to have concealed a weapon without a license to do so. 

The breaking of a weapons law is an even more serious offense when it takes place on federal property, such as a federal courthouse or national park. The interplay between the state and federal laws on gun and weapons regulation is slight. Florida state laws encompass nearly the same issues as federal gun laws. The difference when charged with an offense rising to the federal level is generally the penalty. No matter what type of offense you have been charged with regarding use or ownership of a firearm, protect your Constitutional right to bear arms by hiring a proficient defense attorney. 

If you are facing charges at either the state or federal level regarding violation of weapons regulation, call our office. Schedule a free initial consultation with a Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense attorney.

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