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One Step Closer To Removing Ban on Concealed Weapons on College Campuses in Florida: Bill for 2016

The 2016 legislative session will bring to light considerable issues surrounding the rights of gun owners. Recently, Florida’s Criminal Justice Subcommittee and Senate Criminal Justice Committee are helping push forward a bill that would permit concealed carry permit holders on college campuses; the purpose behind the bill is that concealed carry permit gun holders could help keep their campus safe in the event of a mass shooting or if a violent crime is taking place. This bill has been in the works for several years after being dropped lat year in the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Bill Regarding Concealed Carry Licenses and College Campuses

According to the contents of the bill, which, if passed in 2016, will be in force July 1, 2016, a license to carry a concealed weapon is does not permit the permit holder to openly possess a firearm in a prison or jail, a courthouse, a courtroom, a voting polling facility, any government meeting place (which may include governing bodies of the legislature, county, school district, municipality, or special district), any athletic event taking place at a school, college, or in a professional capacity (unless it is related to firearms), and any elementary or secondary school, among others. The new bill amends the current bill to remove the section prohibiting openly possessing a firearm at a college or university facility.

The Purpose Behind the Ban

There are significant concerns across the board regarding the effects and consequences that may occur as a result of removing the ban on concealed weapons on college campuses in Florida. First and foremost, the purpose of the amendment and repeal of the ban is to provide an opportunity for those trained with a gun to help stop any mass murder killings or violent event that may occur on campuses.

Opponents to Repealing the Ban

Opponents to the repeal of the ban state that campuses are highly stressful places, where alcohol and drugs are prevalent, which may lead to serious mistakes by those on the campus who may be influenced by both factors. It also promotes a type of vigilante system, where instead of trained professionals getting involved, students or faculty members with little background in these types of stressful situations are being asked to step in. This could lead to a higher kill count as a result of untrained vigilantes reacting.

Advocates for the Bill

Proponents of the amendment, largely those supporters of the National Rifle Association (NRA), believe that this method would make college campuses safer for several reasons: first, that concealed carry gun owners must undergo background checks themselves, and also that those who intend to commit a violent act will do so regardless of whether there is a ban on concealed weapons on campus or not. The NRA further purports that violent criminals will do whatever they want to do regardless of whether it is illegal, but they do so on college campuses where they have little to no fear of the victims knowing that they are unarmed.

The Status Quo Around the United States

Currently, there is a split across the United States regarding the ban against concealed weapons on college campus. Florida and 19 other states have in place a ban against concealed weapons on college campuses; 23 other states allow for the university or college to make their own gun policies for their students regarding the right to conceal carry on their grounds.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Fort Lauderdale

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