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Tricky Interrogation Tactics Used by Florida Police


Police, investigators, detectives, and other law enforcement officers get considerable training on how to be effective at their jobs. An entire curriculum is dedicated to educating police on how to question citizens in connection with criminal activity, before arrest and after you have been officially charged. As you may know, certain interrogations are prohibited by the US and Florida Constitutions when they amount to you testifying as a witness against yourself. Still, this prohibition does not stop officers, especially when you do not have an experienced Florida criminal defense attorney to represent your interests. Here are a few tricks you may see during interrogation.

Bluffing About the Facts

 An officer may lie or exaggerate the information they claim to already know. They might say that they that a witness came forward and identified you, or that your personal effects were found at the scene of a crime. Stay alert for this tactic and maintain your silence.

Being Your Friend

 Police may try to persuade you that consenting to a search or giving up information will get you more lenient treatment. An officer may offer to help you in exchange for your statements and answers to questions. Listen carefully when you hear friendly comments, especially when they do not really offer any explicit promise in return. Being arrested is scary, which why this interrogation technique is effective in getting you to talk.

Telling You That Silence is Your Enemy

 You have the right to remain silent, but an officer may tell you that staying quiet is the worst thing you can do in a criminal case. They may say that your silence makes you look suspicious. However, you do not incriminate yourself by refusing to answer questions. You are simply exercising your constitutional rights.

Wording Questions to Get Your Consent to a Search

 If you are confronted at home or at your place of business, police officers may try to get your consent to a search or request that you turn over information. This is a dangerous tactic because you are essentially helping them do their job, which is to arrest you for a crime. Watch out for confusing language that officers may use when requesting your consent or permission. They may turn words around so that you do not know if the right answer is yes or no, such as:

  • You don’t mind if I look around, do you?
  • So, no problem if I check things out?
  • There’s nothing to see here, is there?

You may have to remind the officer that you have not provided consent and that you will not turn over any information. Note, however, that you can’t take back your consent if the officer does find any incriminating evidence.

 Do Not Fall for Trick Police Interrogation Tactics. Retain an Experienced Florida Criminal Defense Attorney Right Away

 The best way to avoid these tricky interrogation techniques is to have a knowledgeable lawyer at your side during questioning. For more information on your rights, please contact the Fort Lauderdale offices of attorney, Kevin J. Kulik.

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