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What Are The Terms Of Probation?

Probation is an attractive option for many people. Our goal is to vigorously defend your case and not enter lightly into plea bargains that exchange your freedom for burdensome probationary terms. However, there are those cases for which probation is a good fit. Our approach is to fully develop multiple options for your defense, present those to you and then work toward the resolution you most desire.                          

The court has, within its discretion, the option of ordering probation. The judge will weigh several factors when making a determination as to whether your case is a good fit for probation. Because the judge will make his decision after hearing evidence from the prosecutor, it is wise to have a persuasive defense attorney present the facts of the matter as you view them, such as:  

  • If this your first offense, or if you are a repeat offender
  • If there are facts that demonstrate you may present a danger to society
  • If you can easily be integrated back into society without fear of harm to others
  • If the crime was severe
  • If you are a flight risk, which means how likely it appears you may flee 

If you are granted probation, you must take special care to strictly adhere to the terms set forth for the entire probationary time period. This means you must regularly check in with your probation officer, and, most important, not commit any other crimes during this time. As minor as it may sound, this may come down to the smallest of offenses, such as a ticket for an expired parking meter. Keeping your nose clean while on probation ensures successful completion of the terms of probation, which, in turn, results in the outcome you desire. Any violation of the probation terms results in revocation of the probation, which will include a whole new set of facts to be argued and resolved on your behalf. 

If probation is your desired result, our office is skilled in negotiating favorable terms. For more information regarding terms of probation, consult a Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense attorney for details. Kevin J. Kulik, PA has years of experience representing people charged with crimes and is capable at probation negotiations.  

If you are charged with violation of probation or parole, or simply wish to negotiate a sentence of probation to avoid jail time, call our office to schedule a free consultation. Ft. Lauderdale attorney Kevin J. Kulik, PA helps with probation violations.


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