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What Can I Expect From A Criminal Defense Attorney?

Criminal cases start with an offense and an arrest. The arrest warrant is issued by a judge who has examined the case and made a determination as to whether a warrant for arrest should be issued. Two of the things judges review when they decide whether to issue a warrant are:  

  • That a complaint charging the act of a misdemeanor crime has been filed
  • That the summons issued has not be served on the named defendant  

If these two factors are present, alongside probable cause that a crime has been committed, the judge will approve issuance of the arrest warrant. An attorney will review the case, beginning with the issuance of the warrant and, when necessary, attack the finding of probable cause that gave rise to the conclusion to arrest. The process for presenting the judge with facts giving rise to probable cause is that the police officer makes an affidavit of facts. These facts must demonstrate that a reasonable person would conclude it more likely than not that a crime has taken place. Attacks on probable-cause affidavits can result in dismissal of the charges against you. It is important to have your case defended from all angles — starting with the arrest and the facts giving rise to the warrant allowing arrest. 

The development of a winning defense strategy is best obtained by an attorney with attention to criminal law only. Kevin J. Kulik, PA is a Ft. Lauderdale attorney who helps people charged with crimes at the lower State Court level all the way up to the State Supreme Court level. With more than 30 years of experience, Mr. Kulik has focused his practice solely on the defense of the accused. Mr. Kulik started his career with the prosecutor’s office in 1985, and a short time thereafter, began providing defensive representation. This experience means he knows how the prosecution works and also knows what to expect from law enforcement agencies. Call Ft. Lauderdale attorney Kevin J. Kulik, PA to for defense of crimes at the state and federal level. He listens to your story and offers guidance as to your best option for a satisfactory defense.  

If you or a loved one has been arrested for a crime, call an experienced Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense attorney to schedule a consultation. 

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