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Will My Record Ever Be Clean Again?

Under certain circumstances, you can “erase” charges from your criminal record. The method for accomplishing this is called expungement — an important procedure when re-entering the workforce or seeking reinstatement of driving privileges. For those seeking a clean slate, using an attorney familiar with the process is crucial. In Ft. Lauderdale, call defense attorney Kevin J. Kulik, PA for assistance with clearing your criminal record.  

To initiate a request for expungement of charges from your record, you must file a petition seeking this special request. A petition for expungement must contain:  

  • Certificates and sworn statements: The Department of Law must issue you a certificate of eligibility, and you must make a sworn statement showing there was no finding of guilt for the crime you seek to expunge. Generally speaking, this means you must not have entered a guilty plea, but rather a not-guilty or no contest plea and then successfully completed a probationary period.
  • There must not be any prior expungements, unless they were at least 10 years ago. 

You may seek expungement once the period for probation ends and you have a successful completion of the terms of probation. When the court orders a charge expunged, the record of your arrest will no longer be visible for public view.  

Keep in mind you may not seek to expunge charges of domestic violence, stalking or kidnapping. And, if you are seeking to gain employment with a law enforcement agency or the State Bar Association, those agencies will have access to your record. These special circumstances make it especially necessary to have an attorney prepare and complete your expungement. Call an attorney with experience in making these requests, so you can rest easy knowing the result will be to your liking. 

Safeguard your right to a clean record and possible future employment by expunging arrest records. Call our office for a complimentary first appointment. Call a Ft. Lauderdale criminal defense attorney today. We offer appointments that fit your schedule and keep your information confidential.

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