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Florida Traffic Tickets Can Lead to a Driver’s License Suspension


Florida motorists typically think of a driver’s license suspension as punishment for drunk or reckless driving, as it is logical to assume that the punishment for these serious offenses would be severe. However, there are many other ways to lose your driving privileges. When ticketed for a violation of traffic regulations contained in the Florida Driver’s Handbook, the consequences include more than just a fine. A traffic citation becomes part of your driving record and, under the state’s points system, you could receive a suspension when you accumulate a certain level.

Of course, this basic summary of Florida’s points system does not go into detail about the types of moving and non-moving violations that could affect your driving privileges. You should trust your Broward County traffic violations defense lawyer to tackle the specifics, but some information on tickets and your driver’s license may be helpful.

Traffic Citations Under Florida’s Points System: While fines are certainly a deterrent, lawmakers have also established a points system to discourage repeat offenses and protect the public safety. Taking away someone’s license impacts personal freedom, employment, family responsibilities, and many other aspects of your life – going beyond the financial consequences. As such, a designated number of points is added to your driving record every time you are cited. The more serious the violation, the higher the points. For instance:

  • Speeding above the posted limit and driving too fast for conditions will both add 3 points to your record.
  • Failure to yield, illegal reversing, and not obeying traffic signals or signage also means 3 points.
  • Unlawful driving actions around school buses will lead to 4 points, including failure to stop for a bus and passing while the bus is stopped.
  • You could accumulate 6 points for leaving the scene of a crash without exchanging information or where the incident involved an unattended vehicle. 

How Points Add Up to a Driver’s License Suspension: State laws on suspending your driving privileges focus on the nature of the traffic violation and the time period in which you accumulated points. If you receive citations that add up to 12 points within a year, your driver’s license will be suspended for 30 days. The suspension period increases with additional points accumulation, so:

  • You will lose your driver’s license for three months after accumulating 18 points within 18 months; and,
  • If you receive traffic tickets adding up to 24 points within three years, the state will suspend your driving privileges for one year.

Note that your license is not automatically reinstated at the end of the suspension period, so you will need to take action to get it back.

Consult with a Florida Traffic Violations Attorney About Fighting Tickets 

This summary explains some key general concepts of Florida’s points system for traffic citations, but you need assistance from experienced legal counsel in a real-life situation. To learn how our team can help with fighting tickets, reinstating your driving privileges, and other critical tasks, please contact Fort Lauderdale traffic violations attorney Kevin J. Kulik. Once we review your ticket and driving record, we can develop a strategy for obtaining a favorable result.





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